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Haik Insurance Holdings has a long history of providing insurance products and services to nonprofit and social service organizations. HIH offers comprehensive programs designed specifically for organizations in the social & human services industry. Our team focuses on cost-effective solutions to reduce risk and improve efficiencies in your insurance program. We provide an unparalleled level of support and significant value beyond coverage that keeps us a step ahead and a cut above typical insurance providers.

Our team of professionals in this field can provide the specialized protection that a nonprofit and social service organization needs today. With the Higginbotham partnership your options are limitless.

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What is Non-Profit Insurance?

As you look to protect your nonprofit, it’s wise to explore insurance options through the lens of the most mission-critical parts of your operation. Because nonprofit organizations often deal with people on the most personal of levels, you are challenged by unique operational risks that can devastate your practice and reputation. The industry specialists at Higginbotham take the time to understand the nuances of each organization we serve. 

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Types of Coverage


Just as with homeowners’ insurance, business property insurance can cover damage to the buildings, equipment, inventory and personal property on the premises of the business, along with equipment breakdown and business interruption. Property insurance protects the business from risks such as fire, theft and storm damage.


Various crime insurance offerings can cover losses due to forgery, alteration, theft, supplier collusion, electronic funds transfer fraud, misappropriation, securities fraud, embezzlement and accounting fraud.

General Liability

General liability insurance is one of the most common types of business insurance. It provides coverage for the business if someone is injured on company property, or if the operations or products of the business cause harm to someone or damage to the property.

Commercial general liability insurance also covers personal or advertising liability, as well as damage to property being rented by the business.

Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance, or workers’ comp, can help pay for the costs of an employee or contractor injury on the job.

Some eligible expenses include medical bills, ongoing care, rehabilitation and, in some cases, even lost wages. In the event of an employee fatality, workers’ compensation insurance can help cover the costs of a funeral and compensation for the worker’s family.

If you face an injury-related lawsuit, workers’ compensation coverage may cover legal expenses from a work-related injury lawsuit filed by an employee.

Umbrella Liability

Commercial umbrella insurance is a form of liability insurance designed to cover losses that exceed underlying policy limits.

Designed to extend coverage to both you and members of your organization, a commercial umbrella policy can help correlate your coverage limits with your real-world risk exposure.

Directors and Officers Liability

Designed for these risks, Directors and Officers (D&O) is a specialized form of liability insurance that protects corporate directors and officers against claims, often made by stockholders, customers and employees, alleging financial loss arising from mismanagement.

D&O claims are usually paid directly to the directors and officers and their organization to help cover financial losses and legal defense costs incurred from a lawsuit. 

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is a type of liability coverage that protects professionals from errors and omissions that result from their services. According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), professional liability coverage seeks to indemnify, or “make whole,” third parties who suffer economic or financial loss as a result of services provided by accountants, attorneys, consultants, brokers and other professionals.

Unlike general liability insurance, professional liability does not typically cover third-party bodily injury or property damages. This is because these claims are typically covered under a commercial general liability policy.

Abuse and Molestation

Considering that churches and faith-based institutions often work with vulnerable populations within their congregation and outside ministry, sexual misconduct and physical abuse coverage is wise for a religious organization to consider. This specialized insurance can help with the costs of responding to allegations of sexual abuse. Specifically, it can help with legal fees, settlements and damages should allegations of wrongdoing arise. 


If your faith-based organization owns or operates buses, vans or other vehicles, you may need commercial auto insurance. Like your personal auto policy, this coverage can help pay for property damage and bodily injury sustained by an employee-involved accident. 

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