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Your home is one of the most important financial investments of your lifetime and you’ll need proper coverage in order to keep your investment protected. Haik Insurance is your trusted solution for homeowners insurance. We offer coverage options that are both flexible and affordable. We understand that your needs differ from the needs of other people so we work with our clients to find a policy that best suits their individual needs. It is that dedication to your needs and life that makes us different than the rest.

Accidents can happen at any time. Having the right insurance can protect your home and everything in it. Don’t go another day without proper homeowners insurance. Keep your memories protected with the right policy from Haik Insurance.

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What is HomeOwner’s Insurance?

If you own a house, condo, apartment, duplex or another residential property, you need homeowner’s insurance. Along with protecting your home, this essential coverage can also help protect your personal property and other possessions from damage or loss. Homeowners’ insurance is so vital that most mortgage lenders require borrowers to carry a policy.Even if you own your home outright or are not required to carry homeowners’ insurance by your mortgage company, purchasing this protection is almost always a wise investment.

Along with your house’s physical structure and the land it sits on, a homeowners’ policy can help repair or replace valuable assets stored within a home or on the property. From the tools in your shed to the electronics in your living room, homeowners’ insurance can help protect the things that make a house a home.

While the protection provided by each homeowners’ insurance policy will vary based on the specifics in the policy documents, most policies can provide these safeguards.

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Types of Coverage

Property Insurance

Whether you’re a real estate owner or manager, your properties are where our promise lives. Considerations like financing, use, construction, location and value make insuring real estate property more challenging today than yesterday. On top of that, your tenants pose additional risks that threaten your investment and add to your administrative load. That’s why it’s important to work with a seasoned real estate insurance broker.

Whatever the portfolio size, Haik Insurance has experience helping real estate owners, property managers and developers effectively manage their property and liability exposures.

HomeOwner’s Liability

Homeowners insurance is an important purchase for many people. There are two major reasons to buy homeowners insurance.

  1. To protect your assets. Homeowners insurance covers both your property and your personal legal responsibility (or liability) for injuries to others or their property while they’re on your property.

  2. To satisfy your mortgage lender. Most mortgage lenders require you to have insurance as long as you have a mortgage and to list them as the mortgagee on the policy. If you let your insurance lapse, your mortgage lender will likely have your home insured. The premium may be much higher (and the coverage much less) than a policy you would buy on your own. The lender can require you to pay this higher premium until you get your own homeowners insurance again.

A homeowners policy usually covers:

  • Your house and other buildings on your property

  • Your personal property in your home or on your property

  • Your personal liability

  • Medical payments for others accidentally hurt on your property

  • Additional living expenses if you must rent a place to live while your home is being repaired


Renters Insurance

Your home, its contents and your vehicles are likely your most significant investments. How do you know they’re sufficiently protected? From the insurance carrier you choose to your policy and its terms, the number of options can be daunting. Haik Insurance simplifies the process.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance typically covers the property owned by the unit owner, but not the common grounds or building exterior owned by the condo association. As with homeowners insurance, a standard condo insurance policy will also provide personal property coverage, liability coverage and additional living expenses coverage.

In a condo, the condo association should have its own condo association’s master insurance policy. This may be bare walls coverage that excludes the property that is part of the individual units.

It is still very important for condo owners to purchase their own policy to protect any of their own property not covered by the condo association’s master insurance policy, as well as their personal belongings. Condo owners will often be required to maintain coverage under the terms of the condo association.

When purchasing condo insurance, it is important to understand what is covered under the condo association’s master policy versus the individual condo insurance policy, as the details and coverage needs may vary depending on how the condo association handles insurance.

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance, sometimes referred to as manufactured home insurance, may cover damage to your mobile home, personal belongings, and liability claims if you’re responsible for someone else’s damages or injuries. While there are some unique elements and exceptions to the policies for these factory-built homes placed on a designated lot or other location, for the most part, mobile home insurance coverage is similar to standard homeowners insurance.

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Considering that churches and faith-based institutions often work with vulnerable populations within their congregation and outside ministry, sexual misconduct and physical abuse coverage is wise for a religious organization to consider. This specialized insurance can help with the costs of responding to allegations of sexual abuse. Specifically, it can help with legal fees, settlements and damages should allegations of wrongdoing arise. 

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