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Flood Insurance

Prepare for the unthinkable.

Flood Insurance With Higginbotham

Flood Insurance is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program. Although the government actually provides the coverage, our agency issues the policy and in the event of flood damage to your insured property, we also help service your claim. The coverages available are the same wherever you go, the difference is in the service.

Each year, about one in 60 homes files a claim for water damage, adding up to more than five million incidents. Make sure you’re protected through flood insurance with Higginbotham.

Providing Effective and Safe Risk Management Programs

In flood-prone areas, having flood insurance provides a critical layer of security. Should flood conditions arise, you can rest assured knowing that your financial investment is safeguarded. And, even after floodwaters recede, our commitment to your safety continues. Structures may be compromised structurally and environmentally, making the right coverage indispensable. With our comprehensive flood insurance, you can confidently address potential contamination and mold concerns, securing a brighter future for your property and loved ones.

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